When you choose us to help tackle your core governmental issues we provide you direct lobbying assistance to the South Carolina General Assembly. As a bipartisan firm, we offer you multiple access points to the major decision makers in South Carolina. Whether you seek new legislation, wish to modify regulations, or want us to stop adverse legislation, we have the skill set to achieve your desired results under the most difficult of legislative circumstances.


Our connections in state politics makes us the go-to source for introductions to our federal delegation. We can act as the middle-man to voice your concerns, monitor government proceedings and actions, and attend the necessary meetings and events that will better inform you of what is going on in Washington and at the Statehouse. 


Sometimes the lobbying efforts you need are not at the state capacity and we recognize and understand that. Therefore, we provide local outreach efforts to help you zero-in on the issues that affect your organization on the regional or municipal level. These services can include issues centered around procurement, grants, land use, subsidies, and licenses and many other local issues that may be ailing your organization.


We can bring together the best people in our state to engage in political discourse on your behalf. We start movements that help you reach your end goals. Collaboration, branding and thought leadership guide our grassroots philosophy that delivers the results you desire. Just look at our record to see how we organize individuals to rally around an issue.

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