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As contract lobbyists, we are afforded the opportunity to work in various sectors impacting South Carolina public policy. Our clients represent over SEVENTY BILLION DOLLARS in economic impact to the Palmetto State and OVER 260,000 JOBS for the hardworking people of the state. Our clients include the solar industry, the film industry, health care providers, educators, financing companies, and other public policy initiatives. Having been involved in public policy for a combined 60+ years, we are capable of handling most any issue that is discussed under the dome in Columbia and Washington.​

  • Agriculture

  • Alcohol

  • Budget

  • Community Relations

  • Education

    • K-12

    • Tech Schools

    • Higher Education

  • Energy & the Environment

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Economic Development

  • Hospitality

  • Gaming & Entertainment

  • Insurance

  • Life Sciences

  • Private Equity

  • Real Estate

  • Regulated Entities

  • Retail & Service Sector

  • Technology

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Advanced Manufacturing

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