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50 Most Influential People Of 2018

Columbia Business Monthly celebrates another year of honoring the region’s most influential people. The selection of our 50 individuals is a result of staff research and community nominations.

J. Warren Tompkins

J. Warren Tompkins, a native of Columbia, has been a leading advocate for Conservatives for Conservation and alternative clean energy sources. 

As a partner in First Tuesday Strategies, a political campaign and grassroots consulting company, and Tompkins, Thompson & Brown, a governmental and public affairs company, he and his partners have worked tirelessly to promote legislation to increase solar energy and other clean energy alternatives in our state that would provide more consumer choice in South Carolina.

Tompkins and his partners have also been working to help grow the South Carolina film industry by working alongside the Carolina Film Alliance to increase incentives for production companies, which would allow the industry to grow and prosper in South Carolina like it has in the neighboring state of Georgia.

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