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How did two lifelong Republicans come to team up with a lifelong Democrat to start a lobbying shop?


To start, we were friends and colleagues before beginning this venture together and we’ve remained friends since, so it works well. We believe that there is no answer on either extreme of the spectrum and that answers are usually found somewhere in the middle.


Knowing how to get to that answer is what we offer our clients. 


Warren began his lobbying career after leaving Governor Carroll Campbell’s office, where he served as Chief of Staff, in 1991. For the next 25 years, he would become known as one of the state’s top policy minds and strategists.


In 2015, Michael and Boyd saw a void in the lobby. They served in the House together for a term, but were fast friends. They saw that the members they served with were now leaders within the General Assembly and that they could be useful for potential clients. So the two teamed up to form their own government affairs practice. 


Shortly thereafter, over a beer and a Chicago Cubs baseball game in 2016, we all met and decided to team up. The Cubs went on to win the World Series that fall, and the three of us teamed up around the same time to create Tompkins, Thompson & Brown.


In October 2019, former House colleague, Jim Merrill, joined TT&B as Business Development Director.

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