Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina in 2007, Boyd Brown was subsequently elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives, becoming America's youngest state lawmaker.
Mr. Brown served two successful terms in the General Assembly where he was initially placed on the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee during his first term. During his second term, Mr. Brown served as a member on the state’s powerful Judiciary Committee. 
Mr. Brown was described as a "substantive policy voice," an "ethics reform champion" and the Washington Post labeled him a "Voice of a Generation" after he delivered a widely circulated farewell address. He was viewed as a bipartisan and pragmatic voice for business in the Legislature, and was appointed to multiple conference committees by the Republican Speaker of the House.
Since leaving the House, Boyd has focused on commercial development projects including commercial brokerage and construction ventures. Continuing a career of public service, Boyd was appointed to his local hospital board of trustees and was appointed to the state land bank board of directors by the Republican President Pro Tempore of the SC Senate, where he represents South Carolina's 5th Congressional District.


In 2015, Boyd and Michael Thompson formed a government affairs shop to help businesses and associations further their policy promotion in all levels of government across South Carolina and in Washington, DC. It merged with Warren Tompkins to become Tompkins, Thompson & Brown. Boyd is a native of Winnsboro, a former member of the Democratic National Committee and continues to serve as an advisor to presidential, statewide and local campaigns.

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